Main Series

Image Name Description
Liopleurodon See main article
Bridge A splintering, unstable rickety bridge. Crossing it is required to reach Candy Mountain.
Z An entity of unknown power. Pink and Blue converse with it on the way to the Banana King. This somehow causes it to become angry with Charlie. Z communicates in computery beeps and blips, and is able to shoot lasers.
Choo-Choo Shoe A shoe that supposedly functions like a train.
The Oomoo A creature that only Pink and Blue can see. Charlie accidentally wakes it, triggering attacks from various other invisible creatures. Supposedly.
YomYoms Creatures that only Pink and Blue can see. They're everywhere.
BlehBlehBleh Creatures that only Pink and Blue can see. No details were given about them.
Narshlog A creature that only Pink and Blue can see. When it grabs Charlie, the only way to escape is for him to hold on to Pink and Blue's tongues.
The Door The Door is everything. The Door controls time and space, love and death. The Door can see into your mind. The Door can see into your soul. But not really.
A Whale A passing whale. Pink and Blue make a big deal about it.
Narwhal of Death A passing narwhal. Pink and Blue make a big deal about it.
Unknown Sea Creature A passing sea creature. Pink and Blue are about to make a big deal about it, when Charlie cuts them off.
Swordfish It loves Charlie. Or so it claims.
Jellyfish It loves Charlie. Then again, it could have just been acting.
Starfish See main article
Catfish It loves Charlie. It says it does, anyway. You never can tell with catfish.
Cuttlefish It loves Charlie. At least, it claims to. It's probably a servant of Cthulhu.
Blowfish Alas, this creature was unable to profess his love for Charlie. The Starfish stepped on his line before he could say anything.
A Big Old Bug A gross and ugly bug that only Pink and Blue can see. It latches itself onto Charlie's face during the trip to the moon.

Side Series

Image Name Description
Rick Astley The guy responsible for the infamous "Never Gonna Give You Up". He is also apparently a Lovecraftian tentacle monster.
Seagulls Creatures that attack Pink and Blue. It is not shown why.
The Dragon It was set up to do a thing, but it died before it could do the thing.
Banana King See main article
Waitress See main article

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