YouTube Live Charlie the Unicorn01:20

YouTube Live Charlie the Unicorn


(Charlie is walking when a vortex opens up in front of him.)

Charlie: Ugh, What now?

Pink: Charlie! It's happening!

Charlie: Huh? What's happening? What's going on?

Blue: YouTube Live, Charlie!

Pink: It's where the Internet and real life combine!

Blue: IN THREE-DEE!!! (Blue starts screaming and, for some reason, floats around and gets distorted in mid- air.)

Charlie: Oh my God. If The Internet leads into real life, everywhere you look, fat guys will be falling over in slow motion, cat's will be doing people things, Rick Astley will make a comeback...

Blue: Never Gonna Give You Up.

Pink: Never Gonna Let You Down!


Blue: It has begun!

(Starts raining chocolate)

Charlie: Oh my God, it's raining chocolate!

(The vortex emits a tentacly version of Rick Astley)

Charlie: Ahhh ! It's Rick Astley! Run!!

(Everyone starts running)

Blue: Hooray for the collapse of civilization!

Pink: Down with democracy!

Charlie: What is wrong with you two?

(Blue and Pink obtain Russian headwear and a goatee and start speaking Russian. Here's the translation.)

Blue: "My hovercraft.."

Pink: "... is filled with eels!"

(Everything disappears all of the sudden.)

Charlie: Hey, what happened? (Looks up) Oh good. YouTube has gone into maintenance mode. For now, we're safe.

Pink: We're also.. no strangers to love.

(A vortex opens.)

Charlie: Hey, don't do that! He'll come back.

Blue: (Stares at Charlie.) You know the rules...

Rick Astley: (Emerges from the vortex) AND SO DO I!! BLAAAAARGH!!!

Charlie: (screaming)

Blue: Nooooo!

Pink: (In Russian) "Communism!".

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