Charlie the Unicorn "Hot Topic" Video00:52

Charlie the Unicorn "Hot Topic" Video

Blue: Charlie, where are you?

Pink: Aaaahhhhh!

Charlie: I'm in some sort of chamber!

Blue: The chamber of madness or the chamber of death?

Charlie: Does it matter?

Blue: Charlie I'm on fire, tell me!

Charlie: I don't know, why did you bring me here?

Blue: It's all because of the Weasel Charlie, don't talk to the Weasel!

Charlie: What Weasel?

The Weasel: From this day 10,000 years ago a force of evil so grand...

Blue: Charlie get down! (Laser zaps the Weasel) Did you speak to the Weasel?

Charlie: No.

Blue: (shoots lasers) Did you speak to the Weasel?

Charlie: I said no!

Blue: Fool, I am the Weasel!

Pink: Charlie what have you done?

Charlie: Oh come on, how could I have possibly known that?

Pink: Charlie!

Charlie: What?

Pink: We're naked!

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