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Role: Con artist
Personality: Manipulative
Appearance: Charlie the Unicorn
Quote: "Fool. I am the Weasel!"

Blue is a blue unicorn from the Charlie the Unicorn series.


1. Like Pink, it is unknown what gender Blue is.

2. Blue usually shows up to Charlie first.

3. Pink and Blue are related, annoying, and they go together (everywhere)

4.Blue acts like the captain of the 3

5.Blue claimed to be the Weasel and betraded Charlie and Pink in The Temple of Doom.

6.Blue might be female due to her voice and light blue color.

7. Blue and Pink may like Rick Astley, because they tried summoning him with quotes from the song.

8. In the second movie, Blue was the one with the amulet, and in the first movie, Blue was the one that jumped

on Charlie.

9. They both display unnatural powers that don't seem to be normal to all unicorns, like Charlie

10. Throughout the movies, it is shown that the mission of Blue and Pink is to kill specific persons and stealing their body parts. In the first and third movies, they steal Charlie's kidney and horn. While in the fourth movie, they send Charlie to the moon to make him explode with a bomb. Pink then says Bye Charlie! and Blue replying Okay... Who's next?, meaning that they kill people in specific ways.

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